Saturday, December 16, 2017

3rd Grade Spelling Word Lists

I'm interested in third grade literacy and in particular, how a teacher might build a program from OER and online resources for 3rd grade.

I'd suggesting starting by building 3rd grade spelling and vocabulary words lists on VocabularySpellingCity (VSC). It's an incredibly flexible resource and they provide word lists and printables for:

Another valuable resource would be the homeschool curriculum from Time4Learning which includes Third Grade Spelling Words.  A site that has collected resources from lots of place and is dedicated is the third grade online curriculum site. This site led me to look deeper into the Time4Learning homeschool curriculum which meant that I found:

I can some with some confidence that third grade students like playing games. So I looked more at what could be learned from online games.  The Learning Vocabulary site has an array of 3rd grade vocabulary games

Because vocabulary acquisition plays such an important role in third grade writing standards, it is important for parents to encourage third grade vocabulary activities at home to complement and reinforce the regular school curriculum. A great way to do this is by including fun online vocabulary games that help students master vocabulary strategies within the context of reading comprehension exercises. Kids can practice playing with third grade math and science vocabulary games as well as third grade literature games. Other third grade vocabulary word lists cover the older concepts of syllables, compound words, contractions and parts of speech as well as the newer concepts of antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, homophones, root words, prefixes and suffixes.  

Third grade is a crucial grade. For most states, it is the first grade where students can be held back if they don't apss the high stakes standardized test, a system created by the Bush Adminstrations NCLB programsand modelled after the race to the bottom that the Texas school system pursued under George Bush before he became the national president.  

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