Saturday, January 7, 2017

Commencement Speech at Harvard School of Education

Education School graduation speech about asking questions, up at Harvard Grad School of Education.

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  1. my final suggestion is that there are
    five truly essential questions that you
    should regularly ask yourself and others
    my claim is that and this is slightly
    outlandish as a claim but this is a
    graduation speech if you get in the
    habit of asking these questions you have
    a very good chance of being both
    successful and happy and you will be in
    a great position to answer I did to the
    bonus question at the end the first is a
    question my kids are fond of asking and
    it's one you may have heard other
    teenagers pose or maybe you still pose
    it yourself the question is the classic
    weight but it could be asked as weight
    what are we what my kids typically posed
    this question when I get to the point in
    a conversation where I'm asking them to
    do a chore to from their perspective