Saturday, March 12, 2011

Math Vocabulary Help

Math teachers find that teaching math vocabulary is a wonderful step in teaching math. On one hand, students benefit from learning the vocabulary associated with the concepts and math processes and techniques that they are learning.  Understanding the concepts and vocabulary are really important to cementing the learning of math.  

Some words may have uses in everyday language as well as some uses that are specific to mathematical contexts. An example is the word "right" which when referring to an angle has a very specific math meaning.

Vocabulary SpellingCity has compiled comprehensive math vocabulary lists to make those difficult math words, a snap! Along with high school and elementary vocabulary, we have also included 6th grade math words and 7th grade math vocabulary. Also, algebra vocabulary and statistics definitions are introduced in almost every grade. So whether you are looking to play games, learn spelling or study definitions, you can do it all with Math Vocabulary right here!

Math Vocabulary words help students understand the foundational principles taught in each math concept. Of course, students need to know the meaning of basic math terms before they can learn how to apply them to math principles. From addition words and elementary math to geometry vocabulary and every type of number word in between, students can find the right list right here with all the math definitions they need to be successful in math.

The following math resource lists are really useful since they can be used with all the learning resources available on VocabularySpellingCity.
 Kindergarten Math Vocabulary 5th Grade Math Vocabulary
 1st Grade Math Vocabulary 6th Grade Math Vocabulary
 2nd Grade Math Vocabulary 7th Grade Math Vocabulary
 3rd Grade Math Vocabulary 8th Grade Math Vocabulary
 4th Grade Math Vocabulary High School Math Vocabulary