Friday, September 10, 2010

Importance of Vocabulary

This vocabulary and spelling website is doing fantastic things for kids education. Is it the unnamed feature in the current ATT TV ads for spelling bees that have been obsoleted by high-achieving Internet-based education?

“Actions speak louder than words.” Do you agree? Sure, but sometimes words speak louder than anything else. The words a person uses, or their vocabulary, will often tell their story. For example, isn’t it shocking when the person who looks educated and dignified opens their mouth and their vocabulary horrifies everyone around them? What people say and how they say it, speaks volumes about who they are and what they are capable of.

Thus vocabulary learning is an important vital part of education. As part of the language arts, it is considered a CORE subject in formal education. Vocabulary can be built chiefly by two methods: reading and formal vocabulary drill and practice. Obviously, reading is an exercise that has its own rewards, and many students are motivated to enjoy it as a pastime. However, formal vocabulary building is usually not viewed as a “fun” task and is typically left in neglect.

SpellingCity is here to change that view by enabling students in all forms of education to enjoy formal but fun vocabulary drill and practice. Though Spelling City assists teachers and student across the world in spelling proficiency, building vocabulary skill is the underlying but primary goal. Formal vocabulary skill is most effectively taught by drill and practice. Sadly, this is where the interest of most students gets lost. Yet, what if the drill consisted of vocabulary games with animation, how about practice that lets you use the vocabulary in sentences set in a fun game environment? These games are designed not only to develop accurate spelling, but chiefly to develop a greater understanding of word meaning.